Bear65 V2 GB Aluminum / Polycarbonate

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Bear65 is my first alice-like keyboard, and we've been through and experienced many issues, which caused several delays on the manufacturing and shipping. Bear65 could have been a better keyboard, thus we decided to improve on the basics of V1 and make this V2 of Bear65.

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Prototype review and photos

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Base Kit includes
  • One Free Aluminum Artisan Keycap!
  • Case of your choice
  • Plate of your choice
  • PCB (hotswap / solder) with Daughterboard (production PCB will be black)
  • Brass weight (option to upgrade to e-white Brass for $10)
  • Gaskets
  • Plate foam
  • Case form
  • Feet
  • Screws necessary to assemble the keyboard

Group Buy Details and Disclaimers

Please read FAQ page to check all FAQs about this GB, before asking in Discord / Geekhack / Reddit.

Group Buy Time: July 12th 11:00am EDT - July 18th 11:00pm EDT

Accepted payment method: PayPal only

Estimated shipping time: 5 months for the start of shipping, which could be shorter or longer depending situations

Shipping will not be collected at GB time, it will be collected at shipping time (ship from China HK). Do remember to fill in your phone number when checking out, it’s important for shipping and without phone number your order will be delayed for shipping.

Please choose the Color, Case, PCB, Plate options via the drop-down options.

Group Buy orders are final: no modifications, no merging orders with different accounts, no cancellation or refund. Any special request will result in a 10% fee on the amount refunded.


Extra Add-on Parts

Please check out this page for extra parts

For this GB, we also provide 3 new items to pair with your Jacky collections


Structure Render

More Typing Sound