Piggy 60% GB All Brass

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Piggy 60 is a 60% custom keyboard with a thick bezel (just like S7 Elephant), gasket mounting style, and screw-less bottom. The group buy ran from May 22 to May 25 2021, and will not return in another round.

All Brass Kit includes

  • Case (e-clear brass or PVD silver brass)
  • Plate ( e-clear brass or PVD silver brass)
  • Inner frame ( e-clear brass or PVD silver brass)
  • Weight ( e-clear brass or PVD silver brass)
  • PCB (hotswap / solder) with DaughterboardGaskets
  • Plate foam
  • Case form
  • Feet
  • Screws necessary to assemble the keyboard


The aluminum piggy prototype was approx 5lbs fully built. PC piggy proto was approx 3.4lbs fully built. Brass piggy will be HEAVY (estimated 17.5lbs).

Group Buy Details and Disclaimers

Please read http://tinyurl.com/piggy-gb-details to check all FAQs about this GB, before asking in Discord / Geekhack / Reddit.

Group Buy Time: May 22nd 9:00am PDT - May 25th 9:00am PDT

Accepted payment method: PayPal only

Estimated shipping time: September 2021

Shipping will not be collected at GB time, it will be collected at shipping time (ship from China HK).

Please choose the Color, Case, PCB, Plate, Weight, and Inner Frame options via the drop-down options (note that if you change the color, all the other options will reset to default, please reselect everything if color is changed). If your order does not have details selected, we'll cancel it.

Group Buy orders are final: no modifications, no merging orders  with different accounts, no cancellation or refund. Any special request will result in a 10% fee on the amount refunded.

Extra Add-on Parts

Please check out this page for extra parts


  • Typing angle: 5° same as S7 elephant
  • Case material: PC, Aluminum, Brass (limited)
  • Plate material: PC, Aluminum, E-clear or PVD Brass (upgrade)
  • Inner frame material: Aluminum, PVD Brass (upgrade)
  • Weight material: Aluminum, E-clear or PVD Brass (upgrade)
  • PCB


Here is the list of the differences and improvements from S7 Elephant:

  • Reduced the overall height, and changed the corner radius design
  • Added inner frame for the gasket mount. The inner frame will be screwed to the top case, with poron foam gaskets evenly distributed positioned on the inner frame and the top case. This would provide a more consistent typing feeling.
  • Center USB-C port with daughterboard to avoid PCB vibration (generated by typing) putting pressure on it.
  • The top case has side pockets for poron foam gaskets to avoid the plate from moving horizontally. The poron foam gaskets will have removable adhesive strips, which will be convenient for you to replace and clean up.
  • Screws in the bottom case will be hidden behind the bump-on feet.
  • We would potentially provide plate foam, case foam after we have the prototype to test.
  • The inner frame won’t be seen from the outside if you choose an aluminum case, but you will see it in a polycarbonate case. The default material for the inner frame will be aluminum.