(DO NOT REMOVE) Piggy Base Kit Upgrade Options

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Upgrade Options

Upgrade options will be added automatically to your order when you choose it from the base kit purchase, please DO NOT REMOVE it from your cart. Only remove it if the corresponding base kit is removed.

When it's chosen, you will NOT get the corresponding original Aluminum component!

  • Plate: E-clear Brass (+$40), PVD Silver Brass (+$75)
  • Weight: E-clear Brass (+$45), PVD Silver Brass (+$80)
  • Inner Frame: PVD Silver Brass (+$105)

Appendix: Base Kit includes

  • Case
  • Plate
  • PCB
  • (hotswap / solder) with Daughterboard
  • Inner frame
  • Weight
  • Gaskets
  • Plate foam
  • Case form
  • Thin Feet (one set of 2)
  • Screws necessary to assemble the keyboard